iEFIS is a registered trademark owned by MGL Avionics. iEFIS is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight readable touch screen that can also be operated using gloves.


Technical data

Touch screen

The touch screen of the iEFIS panels is a pressure sensitive device calibrated for use in an aircraft. The touch screen is designed to activate on a positive pressure input and will filter short or unclear inputs. This makes it possible to steady your finger on the desired location without activating the touch screen. Desired contact pressure can be selected in the touch screen calibration function. Tip: Hold the top right rotary control down while applying power to the panel to activate the touch screen calibration function.

The touch screen may be used in all ambient pressure conditions including vacuum and is tolerant to rapid decompression.

The touch screen may be operated while wearing suitable gloves that allow a defined pressure point, i.e. pressure should not be spread over a large area as this makes precise location of the touch point difficult.

Rotary controls

The 5 rotary controls have strong indents during rotation to allow positive selection of a desired value. Many rotary functions have a dual level. The second level can be obtained by pressing the rotary control towards the panel while turning. For example, this is used when selecting a COM frequency: First select the MHZ, then press and turn to select the KHZ.

Soft keys

The soft keys below the display allow quick access to often used functions. These keys are assigned different functions depending on the currently active device context. Often they serve as a backup to the touch screen.

Micro SD card slot

The micro SD card slot can accept SD micro cards as well as SDHC micro cards. These cards are used mainly to transfer files to and from the panel such as maps. A permanently inserted card can also be used to record black box style flight data during flight.




Based on a powerful platform , iEFIS introduces a modular, yet low cost approach to the aircraft avionics panel. The prinicple guidance during the iEFIS development was “complete, one stop, any function, any aircraft”. From ultralights to space craft, this system covers all.

IEFIS of varying sizes can be combined in the cockpit as required. A compact unit called the 'iBOX” contains all of the EFIS interfaces to many possible devices in the cockpit as well as pressure sensors for altimeter, airspeed and angle of attack. Airspeed can be measured to several Mach numbers at altitude if the high speed option is fitted while the pressure based altimeter reaches to over 40.000 ft with a resolution of just 1 ft. The iBOX also contains one of the highest performance GPS receivers available today, able to track GPS satellites of several countries as well as providing WAAS and RAIM capability.

Up to two iBOX units may be used in a system forming a complete master and “hot standby” system for redundancy where required.

IEFIS may be used to comprehensively monitor up to 4 engines, 8 physical fuel tank levels and 4 virtual tanks (based on fuel flow measurements).

Up to 4 AHRS units may be fitted for high redundancy systems as well as multiple magnetometers.

A multitude of interfaces allows the iEFIS system to control or monitor any conceivable aircraft system.

A comprehensive built in autopilot requires just the addition of servos to complete.

Any conceivable navigation source from GPS based to traditional navigation radios may be connected in a variety of ways. All typical interfaces are provided as standard: RS232, ARINC 429, analog +/150mV.

EFIS controlled COM radios, NAV radios and transponders, both mode-c and mode-s may be fitted for a complete, cost effective solution.

Each iEFIS panel may be connected to video sources such as taxi or night vision cameras as standard.

The modular concept of iEFIS allows not just a tailormade solution, if desired each panel can be customised by the owner using a freely available “screen design” tool. This provides similar capability to previous MGL systems but adapted to the iEFIS environment. However, despite this the iEFIS contains many built in screen layouts and options that can be simply selected during installation. This allows turn key solutions for most typical applications.

Installation of an iEFIS system poses greatly reduced effort compared to traditional systems. The iBOX(s) may be mounted in a location where they are easy accessible. This greatly simplifies and optimizes aircraft wiring. The panels themselves require only minimal installation effort – power and the iEFIS LAN connection is all that is required.

All panels and iBOX systems provide for dual redundant power supplies in a variety of different configurations as may be dictated by the aircraft systems.


iEFIS is a registered trademark owned by MGL Avionics. iEFIS is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight readable touch screen that can also be operated using gloves.

iEFIS combines the undeniable advantages of simplyfied operation that a touch screen can offer with rich traditional controls which are equaly indispensible in the cockpit environment. The pressure sensitive touch screen operates much like a tactile button does preventing false activation when touching the screen during turbulent conditions. A simple but highly effective solution…

  • iEFIS CHALLENGER „Lite” (264mm 10″4 diagonal, XGA 1024 x 768 pixels) ships since August 2013.
  • Dimensions : 270mm x 209mm, panel cut 252.5 x 202.5mm
  • Weight: 1350g approx.
  • Caution : dimensions of images on your computer screen depend on its resolution and may differ from actual iEFIS sceen dimensions.