Designed for NON-TSO’ed aircraft.

With FLARM-Interface and integrated Intelligent Synchronization – exceeds the requirements of FAR 23.

Combination of Position Light, Tail Light and Anti Collision Light with FLARM-Interface.


A systematic further developed feature for our well proven EPTA-LSA is the additional serial FLARM-Interface. The result is the EPTA-NG (NextGeneration). In the event of an aircraft on a potential colliding course a connected PowerFLARM unit accelerates the flashing sequence of the EPTA-NG according to the FLARM alert level. This makes your aircraft more conspicuous and therefore helps to increase the safety in the airspace.


The new LED technology allows an incredibly glaring red and green position light with approx. only 10% of the input power consumption compared with conventional lights. The casing in high optical plastic makes the EPTA absolutely insensitive to vibrations, water, dust and other environmental influences.


The efficiency of the output is much higher than that of incandescent light bulbs. The heat loss of the EPTA is very low and monitored by the integrated heat controller. Nevertheless the lights need fresh airflow so installations preventing this are to avoid. In case the lights are to be mounted behind an acrylic glass panel be aware of the green house effect and ensure a sufficient airflow at all times.


In addition the EPTA-NG is provided with an internal overload protection. In case of over voltage the protector switches the EPTA-NG off. When the voltage drops or the EPTA is resetted by disconnecting from the power supply, the light is fully functional again. The overload protection will be activated by exceeding 17 V DC.


To make the installation easy the EPTA-NG wing tip lights are pre-wired just like all other Thiesen lights. To be wired up to cables with 1.5 mm² cross section. Easy to mount with screw / bolt and additional coloured silicone. For a quick and easy conversion from xenon flashes to our EPTA lights there is a conversion adapter available.


As with each Thiesen product, all systems are integrated into the light units, so there is no need for external controllers, power conditioners, or power supplies. This can provide a significant savings of weight, complexity, and COST!



With this interface (19.200 Baud, 8 Bit, No Parity, 1 Stop-Bit) a connected Power-FLARM unit can send the emergency levels 0 – 3 to the EPTA-NG and thus regulate the flash sequences of the lights. This increases the detectability of your aircraft in flight significantly and can help to prevent a collision.