The MGL Servo is a stepper motor based system providing a torque of up to 4.8Nm (with shaft rotating).

The servo is not restricted to any particular range of the output arm movement and can be used at any angle in this regard.

This servo is able to measure the external force acting on the output shaft for use with trim indiction or automatic trim systems.

External control is either via a multi-drop RS232 link or a CAN interface at 250KBaud.

Multiple, threaded mounting points are available on the face and sides of the servo for ease of installation.


The MGL Servo can be used with the Enigma, Voyager, Odyssey and iEFIS systems. This servo is also be supported by the XTreme EFIS autopilot function.

Servo user and installation manual

Servo protocol manual for third party application use

MGL Avionics autopilot manual

For the XTreme, Voyager and Odyssey EFIS systems, this servo is controlled through the built in CAN interface and no COM Extender module is required.

For the Enigma, this servo is controlled through a RS232 serial port, either the built in RS232 port 1 or Port 4 on the COM extender. Only a single port is required to control multiple servos.

Please note: Odyssey, Voyager and Enigma also support Trio Avionics Gold standard servos via a COM Extender module. The Trio servo is a DC motor based servo using an electric clutch and effectively has zero residual torque when not engaged. This may be of advantage in certain applications.