Split module design – connect to EFIS, 3.1/8” Razor head or 2.14” Vega head or any mix of these devices !

25Khz and 8.33Khz channel spacing, fully compliant with all current regulations and requirements.

Featuring a direct conversion I/Q receiver the design is free from spurious responses and provides excellent RF performance with very good sensitivity and excellent large signal handling at the same time. Glitch free dual scanning receiver and built in store/recall of last received transmissions.

Fully digital class-D modulator provides a 10W transmitter at 13.8VDC supply at unmatched low current consumption and high efficiency.

Fully digital audio interfaces provide two independent headset channels with common audio headset driver that can also drive a speaker for base station use. Very high audio quality for both the built in intercom as well as the receiver.

Operates on 12/14V and 24/28V supplies with transmissions down to 9V supply possible.

Built in VSWR meter shows antenna match and power produced during TX.

Extensive protection of the transmitter against damage by extreme operating conditions.