The TT22 system is our smallest, lightest, Mode S general aviation transponder. The front panel controller is smaller than a standard instrument, and the remote transponder is not much bigger than a pack of cards. It can fit into the smallest of aircraft – and yet it is fully certified and compliant with all the transponder requirements.

The TT22 can be mounted in a standard 57 mm (2¼ inch) instrument hole, or where space is really tight, in a compact mounting just 42 mm high.

The TT22 is a Class 1 transponder; a software upgrade (expected by end of 2010) and a connection to an appropriate GPS will make it compliant with the FAA final rule on ADS-B.

The TT22 is TSO approved for fitting to European and FAA registered aircraft.


  • Low Weight – less than 500 grams!
  • Minimal Panel Space
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 250 Watts Nominal Output
  • Integrated Altitude Encoder
  • Simple Installation
  • Support for 1090ES ADS-B Out