TUROMETRU ROTAX 912 CU HOURMETRU 2 1/4″ (57mm) IM-1106


Case Plastic
Weight 220g
Suitable for Rotax 912/914 Pick-up
Power Supply 10..30VDC
Power Current  0.1 Amp. Max.
Scale 0..7000 rpm
Subdivision scale 100 rpm each
Max. Deviation 1%
Dimensions See sketch
Calibration Calibrated by the manufacturer prior to shipment.


Tachometer for ROTAX 912/914
with Hourmeter
57mm Diameter (2 1/4 Inch)

  • The IM-1106 instruments have been designed especially to measure the RPM in Rotax® engines 912 and 914.
  • The IM-1106 is available in 57 mm diameter. (2 1/4 Inch)
  • The instruments have been designed to work with both 12V and 24V systems.
  • The minimum instrumentation requirements  for the BRP_ROTAX® four stroke engines include a gauge for continuous RPM monitorization.
  • The IM-1106 has a digital hourmeter. The hourmeter begin to count when the engine run over 1.800 rpm.
  • At less of 1800 rpm , the display show the hours , minutes and seconds.
  • At more than 1.800 rpm, the display show the RPM.
  •  The display is Sunread